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A New Chapter in Grass Lake: Prater's Place Sets the Table

February 29, 20242 min read

Exciting culinary waves are about to hit Grass Lake as "Prates Place" prepares to open its doors in 2024, bringing a fresh dining experience to the heart of downtown. Behind this much-anticipated venture are Carrie and Matt Prater, long-standing pillars of our community, whose vision is to create a space where good food, cold drinks, and great company intersect to craft unforgettable moments.

In a recent Facebook post, the Praters shared their enthusiasm for this new journey: "Welcome to Prates Place, where you will find good food, cold drinks, friends, family, community, and good times! We are excited to announce we will be opening up a restaurant in downtown Grass Lake! We have lots to do, but with hard work and faith, we know we can get it done and ready for all to enjoy! Keep an eye out on our page for updates! Oh, and stop by and say hello if you're walking by!!"

The announcement has sparked a wave of anticipation and support from locals eager to see what Prates Place will bring to the table. Known for their deep roots in Grass Lake and commitment to community engagement, Carrie and Matt are set to infuse their new establishment with the same warmth and hospitality that they've shown throughout their years in the area.

Prates Place promises a menu that reflects the essence of our community—dishes that comfort, refresh, and inspire. The restaurant aims to be more than just a place to eat; it's envisioned as a gathering spot where friends meet, families celebrate, and new connections are made, all within the cozy ambiance of a lovingly designed space.

As we count down to the grand opening, the buzz around Prates Place continues to grow. The Prater's journey reminds us of the power of dreams fueled by hard work, faith, and an unwavering belief in the community. Grass Lake, get ready to raise your glasses and forks at Prates Place, where every visit is set to be an adventure in dining and togetherness.

Stay tuned for updates, and in the meantime, if you find yourself strolling through downtown, don't hesitate to peek in and share a warm hello with the Praters. The countdown to good food, cold drinks, and golden memories at Prates Place has officially begun.

For More Updates be Sure to follow the Prates Place Facebook Page

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