The Annual Golf Outing is tentatively set for Friday, June 7, 2019.

Sponsor Registration Form will be up in Spring.

Team Registration Form will be up in Spring.


The second event put together by the Chamber in 2006 was the annual golf outing. A chief fundraiser for the Chamber, the focus was to provide a source of revenues not only to the Chamber, but to the development of the Grass Lake Township Park on Willis Road just west of the Village of Grass Lake. Capturing the attention of thirty-four 4 person teams in 2009, the annual outing provided more than $5,000 in support for the development in the park.

Disbursed to the individual organizations that use the park, The Grass Lake Summer Youth Baseball League and now the Warrior Club have provided the impetus for advancement and improvement of the township park since it was opened in 2008. While 2009 was a banner year for the community overall, the general slow trends in the economy had its impact on the outing with only twenty-nine 4 person teams making it to the outing in 2012. The outing has regained in 2018 and now has generated more than $58,000 in revenue for the parks parks grounds and school grounds, thanks in large part to all the sponsors who generously made up for the slower economy. In 2018 the outing topped 36 4-man teams to boost the overall revenue to the two key clubs.

Falling generally in early June, the Annual Golf Outing still posts the best results for fundraising for the Chamber and the individual support groups developing the park and school sporting facilities. Keep an eye out for the date of the event each year and give some thought to joining in on some big money prizes for the winners of the tournament.