The Depot is adorned with a number of antiques, photos, decorations and bits of history of not only railroading, but tidbits about the community of Grass Lake. Added to that, is the attractive maintenance of the grounds surrounding the depot, where even outside seating provides an attractive atomosphere. These are just a few of the amenities incuded inside and outside the Depot.


The inside is fairly wide open with good opportunities for a variation of table arrangements.


The small kitchen area provides some small appliances for meetings including microwave and coffee pot.


The fireplace provides for some good background and atmosphere during fall and winter activities at the Depot.


The grounds surrounding the Depot provides for a setting of an era outside of the hustle and bustle of contemporary traffic. The Mobil sign perhaps brings one back to reality!


A "Back to the Future" feel can be experienced while standing at the fence line behind the Depot. The flowers are colorful and the air is quiet as it reflects another era in the mind.....then the Amtrak train passes!


A particularly attractive atmosphere and site for weddings!!