Education Committee (As Called)
Partnership Committee (Quarterly)
  1.                  - Chair
  2. Tom Nolte
  3. Volunteer Needed
  4. Volunteer Needed
  5. Volunteer Needed
  6. Volunteer Needed
  7. Volunteer Needed
    1. Jon Robertson
    2. Maggie Morehouse
    3. Jim Stormont
    4. Tom Nolte
    5. Dawn Cuddie
    6. Joe DeBoe
    7. Sabrina Edgar
    8. Todd Raehtz
Festival of Lights (Annual)
  1. Kelly Low - Chair 2019
  2. Zack Kast
  3. Volunteer Needed
  4. Volunteer Needed
  5. Volunteer Needed

Volunteer Community

  1. Ryle Kiser
  2. Lina Anuszkiewicz
  3. Sharon Coppernoll
  4. Tom Nolte

Spring Expo:


  1. Jill Kleine
  2. Tom Nolte
  3. John Lesinski

Traffic Jam'in

  1. Tom Nolte
  2. Zachary Kast
  3. Todd Raehtz
Volunteers Are Always Needed

As a chamber member, do you wish you could find a proven way to increase the amount of business you do locally?  Would your business be more successful if other business people in the area did more business with you and referred their friends, customers, or clients to your place of business?  Would it be valuable if you had a network or a team of other local business people helping you and your business succeed?  It has been proven that local business owners who become active Chamber members will increase their amount of local business and revenue.

Your Grass Lake Chamber of Commerce is in the process of growing its volunteer base for two reasons.  The first of which is to create a larger, stronger, more effective Chamber to help strengthen the Grass Lake business community now and in the future.  The second reason is to create a more closely knit “engaged” membership base.  Members that will support each other by shopping local, as opposed to, using out of town “non-member” or “national chains” for products and services they could obtain from other Grass Lake Chamber members.

The reality of an organization like the Grass Lake Chamber of Commerce is that unfortunately, by simply paying your membership fees and having your businesses name on the membership list it may, or may not increase your business. To receive the full benefits of the chamber, a member must be actively engaged in networking and building professional relationships with other chamber members. These relationship building opportunities can be attained by participation and volunteerism at events like the Spring Trade Show in March, the Golf Outing in June, the Traffic Jam'in in July, Heritage Days in September, the Festival of Lights in December, After Hour’s events, annual dinner meetings, along with various potential functions of the future. In most cases, these networking opportunities are absolutely free!

The Chamber of Commerce realizes our members are very busy with their businesses, their families, and life in general. We understand not all members have the time or ability to help with an event from start to finish. Accordingly, we have created a general “volunteer community” where members can volunteer to help in small ways. Possibly, to direct traffic at Heritage Days, hand out water at the golf outing, or help set up or tear down at the Traffic Jam'in. These small opportunities to build relationships are little pieces that will build a stronger Chamber of Commerce and strengthen the network of supporters for your business.

Above, and on the Board of Directors page, you will find organizational charts showing the general structure of the current chamber and its volunteer base.  More importantly, you will notice a number of areas where volunteers are needed.  Please view this as a chance to grow the future of the chamber and your business.

Please call 522-8838 with questions regarding volunteerism or, contact us by e-mail from our contacts page. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Tom Nolte,