Outside of the normal sports programs at Grass Lake Community Schools there are a few organizations that pull together interested children and adults in sports programs around the community. Some of those organizations are listed below.

AYSO Region 610 Soccer

The American Youth Soccer League's local Region 610 was founded in 1986 to actively promote and organize the sport of soccer in the community and worked to assist in the development of the Sports & Trails Park at 955 Willis Road in Grass Lake Township. There are currently 285 youngsters registered to play in the area. AYSO 610 has six key philosophies that it encourages:

  1. Everyone Plays.Soccer1
  2. Balanced Teams.
  3. Open Registration.
  4. Positive Coaching.
  5. Good Sportsmanship.
  6. Player Development.

Along with the host of kids involved in Region 610 soccer, the Region also has two adult teams promoting the same philosophy.

Board Members include Regional Commissioner Scott Bray, along with Chris Plensdorf, Registrar Steve Bisard, Treasurer Jill Plensdorf, Kelly Heerlyn, Safety Director Tom Heerlyn, and Fundraiser Janey Bisard. 

Contact the Region for further information at the address, phone, or website link listed below.

AYSO Region 610
P.O. Box 168
Grass Lake, MI  49240
Phone: (734) 494-0610